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European Week of Languages 2010.


Last week it was the European Week of Languages 2010, a week where all over Europe, people celebrated the event by making a go to learn a new language or languages. The week as a whole aims to unite people of all ages and all backgrounds by all participating in the same task - learning and finding out about different languages (if you haven't guessed it alreadyWink)

But in all truth it isn't just about that.  Its also about delving into it, finding out much more than a language. Its about knowing how it is written or where it is spoken, finding out what the country's like and its culture. For example, Portobello High School launched a new cross-curicular project last week for S1 on the country of Haiti. I'm sure all pupils will learn much more than the language and geography of the country.

Here are some interesting facts that I found out :-

  • Language with the most words - ENGLISH (approx. 250,000 words)
  • Language with the least words - TAKI TAKI ( 340 words)
  • Largest alphabet - KHMER (74 letters)
  • Shortest alphabet - ROTOKAS ( 12 letters)
  • Most widely published language - ENGLISH


Allons en Haïti!

Ms Forrest

As part of European Week of Languages at Porty, S1 pupils in the Modern Languages and Geography Departments will be doing a cross-curricular project on the French speaking country of Haiti.  (more about this over the next couple of weeks from your French and Geography teachers).

Map of Haiti

Your Website Needs You!

We need your help!

Hello! My name is Cameron. For those who don't know me I am an 6th year Advanced Higher French and Spanish pupil in the dept.

This year I'm looking to help the staff develop this website into the best resource possible for all the pupils.
In order to help make this the best possible website for all the pupils I'm looking for your views of the French at School Website.

To help me form ideas to help you I'm looking for any ideas or comments you may have about the website. If this is your first visit or you've been here many times I want to know what you think?

Do you like the website? What do you like/dislike? What would you like to see added? What would make you visit more? Is there anything at all you can suggest for us to include?

The only way we can improve this site is to know what you want - so tell us here!

Please send us your views, no matter what they are good or bad using the "Contact Us" button on the top of the page or just make a post in the "PHS Blog"


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